ESPN sings the praises of being in New Orleans

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That Saints Monday night game was something else.  Not only the wonderful blowout victory over the Miami Dolphins that kept the Saints undefeated on the year, but the way the ESPN national guys were praising our city.

Every chance they had they highlighted New Orleans.  They constantly talked about the uniqueness of the city, the culture, the history.

When ESPN had to take a commercial break or were coming back from one, they had no problem finding quality footage of our city.  A carriage ride in the quarter, musicians performing on the street, Jackson square, the mighty Mississippi, paddleboats on the river, beignets at Cafe du Monde, a horse and buggy ride, and on and on and on.

Now, next week if you watch Monday Night Football you’ll notice that the crew is not nearly as excited about being in another American city, compared to New Orleans.  Outside of New York, Chicago, or San Fran, the ESPN guys just don’t get excited.  They certainly do get excited to be in New Orleans.   Like former NFL coach and now color analyst for the games John Gruden said, “We all really look forward to coming down to New Orleans.”

We know exactly what you mean.