Bumps in the mouth: Breathing isn’t the only problem for dogs with short snouts

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Did you know breathing isn’t the only common problem among short-snouted dogs?  They’re also prone to having thicker gums and little lumps and bumps along their gum line, called gingival hyperplasia.

You might say 10 year old Boston Terrier “Harley” is the perfect candidate for those Pedigree doggy dentures!  He has plenty of small bumps as well as a larger mass that has doctors worried.

“The type of mass that we suspect it to be is something called an epulis, which is a benign growth of the ligament that actually holds the tooth in place, so to be able to remove this mass, where it won’t grow back, we have to remove the socket and park of the bone,” says Dr. Rose Lemarie with Southeast Veterinary Specialists.

Luckily, Dr. Lemarie does not think the mass is malignant, but that doesn’t mean it’s not causing problems for old Harley.  “I would think it’s got to be affecting him to some degree.  It’s especially causing teeth movement and you know teeth can be sensitive, so it’s gotta be causing some discomfort.”

Harley should be feeling much better after his surgery and while he’s recovering, maybe those doggy dentures aren’t such a bad idea after all!