Saints fans enjoy undefeated status, already entertaining playoff hype

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Before the season started, national sports writers were picking the Saints to finish in the middle of the pack, at number 16.

Today, they have a little more respect.  Most NFL power rankings list the Saints at number three, behind the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks.

Some fans are afraid to predict a playoff run this soon.

“Let’s give it a coupla more games.  But I’m optimistic we can go all the way,” one Saints fan told us.

But others are even bandying the “s” word:  Super Bowl.

“I think the Saints are going to the playoffs.  I’m not saying Super Bowl, but I believe they’re going to the playoffs,” said another.

The Saints still have to face the Bears in Chicago Sunday, then they go to New England for a tough matchup with the Patriots.  Add to that a challenge from the Seahawks in Seattle the first week in December…and lots of unknown territory to cover in between.  Be cautious?  Of course.  Be optimistic?  Without a doubt.

As one Saints fan put it:  “let’s keep the enthusiasm going.”