New information in the cold case murder of Kirsten Brydum

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A five-year-old New Orleans murder case could finally be solved, not by NOPD detectives, but by the victim’s relatives.

You may remember the case: Kirsten Brydum was a community activist from California who came to help New Orleans recover from Katrina, but was murdered. Her body was found near the old Florida Housing Project. Detectives retrieved DNA samples from underneath her fingernails, but they weren’t able to find anyone who matched that DNA.

Brydum’s family and friends refused to give up, hiring their own detectives who have finally come up with a suspect.

They say the killer was the son of an NOPD officer – a corrupt cop, they add – although they won’t reveal his name yet. That cop’s son has since been murdered himself they tell WGNO News.

But is there any suspicion that a cop’s son got a free ride in the original investigation?

“We don’t want to say there was any privilege, but a lot of people in the neighborhood believed that this man’s son got away with murder, but we don’t want to say that,” said Frank Lindsay, a friend of the victim.

The family has turned over their evidence to the NOPD. The family says police have promised to compare the cop’s son’s DNA to the sample, which should take about two months.

The family says if it turns out not to be a match, they will continue searching for Kirsten Brydum’s killer.