Funeral Held For Metairie Bar Brawl Victim

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Friends, family and co-workers gathered to remember a man killed in a Metairie bar fight.

Those close to 40-year-old Adnan Anwar were in Slidell to help bury the husband and father who was attacked and killed inside J.R.`s Sports Bar early Monday morning.

Booked for manslaughter is 37-year-old Aaron Ullrich who investigators say punched Anwar in the head because of a dispute over the availability of a pool table.

Ulrich is being held on a $100,000 bond.

An autopsy confirms Anwar died as the direct result of a blow to the head.

Anwar left behind a wife and 4 children: a 6-year-old, a 4-year-old, and 18-month-old twins.

He worked as a driver for United Cab.

His father says Adnan immigrated to the United States with his wife in 1996 for a better life.

They  first lived in New Jersey and came to New Orleans around 2003.


  • Waqqas javed

    People like Aaron Ulrich would never understand the devestation he caused victims family, adnan is dead and the family he left behind will pay the price for the rest of there lives, Family values are same all over the world for those who understand what family is. I can not believe all he had to say that he was protecting his people. I think all over the world people are people and unfortunately within them we have few animals and that is the difference between adnan and Aaron Ulrich.

    • Kashif cheema

      Aaron Ulrich desirves the seveare punishment. When I read his statement that he was protecting his people. So stupid of him and so arrogant. First you crime and then admit yes I punched intensionally and I am protecting my people. What people Ulrich are you talking about. You are just so rascist and mentaly sick. You deserve to the extreme punishment.

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