Carnival Season: Changes Coming To A Parade Route Near You?

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“I’ve been coming to this corner for years,” says parade goer Jackie Childress.

For many Carnival Season is all about tradition, but next year Carnival Season may seem and look a bit different. Councilwoman LaToya Cantrell says changes to the laws that govern New Orleans parades must happen to keep everyone safe.

“It’s definitely about a celebration and respecting the rights of all people,” says Councilwoman Cantrell.

Proposed changes include eliminating parking on both sides of St. Charles and Napoleon Avenues, possibly incorporating food trucks, and the placement of the ladders. Councilwoman Cantrell would like to see all ladders a fixed distance from the curb. Cantrell also plans to look at, “Tents and grills and tarps and roping off sections of the neutral ground, and making it illegal to do that.”

Parade goers have mixed reviews.

Uptown resident John Ryan likes the changes saying, “Presumably less sofas on the street that get wet and left there forever and ever.”

Parade goer Jackie Childress says, “I’ve never been one for the ladders and the tents and the barbecues, but I certainly don’t begrudge everybody else having it. It’s part of Mardi Gras.”

Uptown resident Russell Olson says, “I’ve heard about the ladders and I do think that they put them too close to the curve right here.”

“Move the ladders back, get rid of the tents,” says Uptown resident Beth Childress Sheridan, “Those are minor changes. It becomes the Mardi Gras we grew up with.”

“They’ll probably have a hard time enforcing that and it would change the character. I don’t see a problem with the way it was really,” says Uptown resident Keith Ranna.

Among the recommendations Cantrell says riders would be limited on what they could throw based on weight. She says this will hopefully discourage riders from throwing bags of beads.

Cantrell says she hopes to have the ordinance passed by November 1st.