Tangipahoa Parish considering tougher dog laws

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The Tangipahoa Parish Council is talking about tougher laws against vicious dogs.

A homeowner in Hammond says his neighbor’s pit bulls are so scary that he has to cut his grass with a pistol on his hip, and he says he almost shot the dogs when they escaped the neighbor’s yard and got into his!

The council attorney says the parish is not allowed to pass a law against one specific breed like pit bulls, and already the parish requires all dangerous dogs be kept in some kind of enclosure or be kept on a leash at all times.


  • Rachel

    After hearing the comments about pit bulls being crazy or having a screw loose I really think you all really need to educate yourselves before making comments like that. All types of dogs can be dangerous. I have two chihuahuas, a rat terrier, a pit bull, and a cat. Our cat came to us as an abandoned kitten on our front porch and it was our pit who welcomed her first and they are now best friends. Whenever we have company I only have to worry about her smothering people with kisses. She loves people and plays well with the three small dogs she lives with. It is absolutely how you raise them that determines their behavior, but they do need the right owner to guide them. Educate owners and quit punishing the breed!!!

  • Mary P Jackson

    I have issued numerous invitations over recent years, asking non PitBull people to have dinner with me and my pack. Menu choice is up to my guest(s). I will make whatever you want. My only request is that you dine with me and my pack at home.

    There have been no takers.

    The offer stands.

  • Suzann Nachtigall

    I agree with this person, it is all in how you, the human, raises the dog, any dog can be turned into a vicious creature. Bad dogs are not type specific. Pits are the most loving animal I have ever been around. Pull your heads out and get Educated about what you are talking about before you spill drivel out of your mouths.

  • Emily

    I wish that reporter would educate herself a bit more before opening here trap. Shut up before you spread more false crap to the masses. Maybe if we had less people who were ignorant we wouldn’t have issues with stereotyping.

  • Stephany

    My “dangerous” dog lilah wasn’t raised with children yet when she met a newborn baby, a toddler, and 5 year olds she had to be stopped because she licked them too much… Oh No! (sarcasm)

  • Anon

    I am from Georgia and saw what your reporter said about pits regardless of her opinion it should be a biased report She seems to have a screw loose to be that stupid and say something like that i hope this goes viral and she gets trolled


  • Anon

    I am from Georgia and saw what your reporter said about pits regardless of her opinion it should be a biased report She seems to have a screw loose to be that stupid and say something like that i hope this goes viral and she gets trolled


  • Desiree Huff

    I am honestly appalled at the woman’s comments on Pit Bull type dogs. I am sorry, but stating that they have a screw loose and that education wouldn’t help because they are just crazy, automatically tells me that you have never spent any time with these dogs at all. You cannot base your assumptions of the bully breeds on the actions of one dog alone. There are some bad people out there, but do you say that an entire race/ethnicity has a screw loose? That they’re crazy? I am HIGHLY offended by this newscast and I personally believe that you should spend some actual time with some of these so called “crazy” dogs before judging them publicly. And as for WGNO, I am highly disappointed that any media station would let such comments be made. Do you know WHY these bully type dogs have such a bad name? Because the media likes to throw a hissy fit any time there is even a whisper of a “Pit Bull” type dog doing something wrong. Why are these dogs thrown into the news to begin with? Because they are used as fighting dogs, bait dogs, and people make them into guard dogs to protect their drugs. They don’t have a choice what life they are thrown into because irresponsible people end up with them. So, before you blame the breed, maybe you should consider educating yourself and take a step back and look at all of these bully type dogs that end up beaten, broken, abused, neglected, and thrown out with the trash..that would love for just one person to pet them. Maybe if you spent some time with the breed, you wouldn’t sound like such a horrible person. Maybe if someone would say something good about these dogs publicly, instead of bashing them all the time..people wouldn’t be so quick to judge.

    P.s. As I am typing this, I have my oh so crazy pit bull foster dog laying across my lap. And she is the sweetest dog that I have ever seen. She is happy to just be in a home, with someone who cares, who isn’t going to bust more beer bottles across her face..and leave her with more scars.

  • Sharon

    This lady is unbelievable someone should put you down for being stupid,do your research on the breed before you judge dumbass

  • Educated Pitt bull owner

    I think you have a screw loose for even saying something like that about Pitt bulls. How could you not know it’s not the breed but the specific animal in EVERY event. If you don’t know that it is YOU MY DEAR THAT HAS A SCREW LOOSE!!! Good Day!!!

  • Magan

    Any dog can be trained to be vicious. A real owner takes the time to train thier animals. Pit bulls have a bad reputation because of ignorant people who don’t take the time to realize that this breed is like every other breed there is. Bet that Susan didn’t know that pit bulls where known an nanny digs in the 1800s because they are so gentle and protective with children. I own two pitbull Rottweiler mixes and they are amazing to my three year old daughter. They protect her they guarded me when I was pregnant and anyone that is friendly my dogs love.

  • tictoc80

    Wow! Racism knows no limit or species, I see. I am very disheartened by the people who are supposed to report the unbiased truth to the public, to inform and aide in educating the public, but yet instead,they are not doing this; and they instead don’t educate themselves on all the facts and are allowed to and paid to spread their racist ignorance to hundreds, thousands, and millions. The actual truth & facts: 1. Not one breed is more vicious than another; 2. All dog breeds have a history of bites and fights; 3. The “viciousness” of a dog is not dictated by its breed but by how it was raised and taught, or the lack of it; 4. In fact, the pitbull breed was specifically created by HUMANS and then the HUMANS trained and bred them for bullfighting and bullbaiting, but since that became illegal, some HUMANS have continued to train and breed them for dog fighting. But thankfully, there have been many humans that have trained and taught pitbulls, even previous dog fighting dogs, a new loving way of life. It’s just a shame and an embarrassment to the human species that we punish an entire breed for the deeds of their human owners. I’m sad to say though that I’m not surprised by this because humans in this country have an undeniable history and current tendencies to judge and entire race (of all different species) based on individual instances, ignorance, and fear. When will we learn and change?

  • anonymous

    Ignorance is the problem. All breed of dogs and any other pets can be dangerous. There are breed “standards” but those are simply educated guesses. This isn’t a dangerous dog problem…this is an ignorance of people problem. All animals react to how they are treated and do what they are trained to do. If you are horrible to your dog, abuse your dog and train your dog to fight and be vicious, it will be. They are the products of their owners. Really it boils down to that news commentator being an ignorant b*tch. Get educated, then speak.

  • Anonymous

    I just wanna say I have two amazing female pit bulls, they are 3 and 1 1/2. And in all the time I have had them, I can HONESTLY say that they have never once gotten into a fight with each other or anyone/thing for that matter. They have never once growled and/or showed their teeth to any person/child/animal. I walk outside my front door and all the kids from the block come running up screaming “DOGGIES DOGGIES” cause they love my pits so much. My dogs are so good with them and gentle just trying to sneak in some kisses! So this right here proves that ignorant narrow minded woman wrong!!

  • saska

    Taking out the obvious evil of training dogs to be aggressive deliberately and criminal abuse of them… the one thing that make a dog..ANY breed of dog dangerous and unpredictable happens sadly in the first 6 months of their lives ..and this is something a vast minority of dog owners are guilty of..

    LACK of SOCIALIZATION as puppies… this fundamental need is over looked by so many owners in some uneducated reasoning that if they keep their dogs to them selves the dogs will be better protectors or more loyal to them, some times its just laziness or ignorance of dog play meaning that the puppies dont learn how to be around other dogs and people because their owners freak out and lift the dog up or pull the pup away on the lead..major cause of stress reaction in dogs..they pick up your vibe and react accordingly.. a dog thats scared of the world because you didn’t let it get to know the world is not a bad place is a dangerous dog, breed ‘personality’ dosnt come into it

  • donna dern

    This station should be ashamed of this story . It is not the breed it is how a dog is raised. Send her to Vilalobos rescue to be educated by Tia and her crew of special pepole that help these amazing animals that learn how to trust again, after humans have been so cruel to them . She needs to see the other side of this story.

  • Megan

    I am voicing my absolute disgust for the the comments made in this news cast. the breed of dog is not the problem, people like the reporter however are! all animals, including humans, have the ability to be viscous. all living things will react to situations with aggression, including humans, if they feel like they need to protect themselves. I would like to invite this reporter to receive some education before she poisons others with her biased and inappropriate comments. also the fact that this woman stated that education will be pointless is disgusting. my pit and I have now changed the minds of many fearful and uneducated, when it comes to the breed, people and they now look at the breed differently and realize that pits are some of the most loving, caring and loyal dogs you can meet. Your news station should really make sure that your news casts are non-bias and ask that you keep your negative views to yourself. the one thing this reporter was right about was that the emails are comming but social media has also picked this up and you are in for a ton of comments.

  • Joy Thompson

    I am flabbergasted you allowed your reporter to make your channel look so obnxiously stupid. She clearly has a few screws loose in her head or she would’ve known how completely inappropriate her personal opinions were to be representing you.

  • Nicole

    I own three pit bulls. They are the most loving dogs to my family. It is the way you raise them and some times it is their genes. People need to quit being this way about pits. Everyone was like this about the German Shepard, the Rottweiler, the doberman pincer, and now the pit bulls. The owners need to know every aspect of the dog they care for. Everything about their temperament. If they think even for a moment that there might be an issue later, they need to fix it now. All dogs are loyal. You just need to know how to point them in the right direction.

  • Monica

    All dogs have the potential to be vicious. I had four pit bulls in my home and I raised the from very young. Some people need education about dogs in general. All dogs are animals and have the potential to attack, not just pit bulls.

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