Lawsuit Could Require Big Oil Companies to Repair Costly Damage to Louisiana’s Coast

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The public is learning more about a lawsuit that would require the oil and gas industry to pay for costly environmental repairs.

The Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority names 97 separate companies in the lawsuit filed a few weeks ago.

The lawsuit calls for these companies to pay for only the repairs over time they are responsible for.

“If it’s not fixed, obviously danger to the city is going to increase in geometric proportions,” says SELFPA’s John Barry. “

Barry says here’s no cost estimation on coastal buffer damage caused over time oil companies should be responsible for fixing, “The fact that that buffer has been destroyed means that there’s a bigger storm surge that comes at the levees. We are responsible for people’s lives and properties. That’s why we are the plaintiffs in this case.”

Most of the damage in question centers in and around canal areas. The damage