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Students And Parents React To Chalmette High Brawl

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Leaders in Saint Bernard Parish say reports of a gang fight at Chalmette High School are an exaggeration of facts.

They confirm school leaders did break up a large fist fight Tuesday morning; but nothing like what’s been reported on social media.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter has details, as well as reaction from students and parents.

“It’s time for this to stop now,” on parent said off camera.

WGNO News has obtained video that students is one of several fights that fogged the focus on learning Tuesday morning at Chalmette High School.

“Not only does it distract us because kids want to see the fights, but  then everybody talks about it all day,” one student said off camera.

School leaders say an all-out brawl broke out at the start of school.

Students recount scrambling to get to safety as school leaders struggled to regain order. It wasn’t easy.

“It was just like a lot of fights and a lot of gangs really,” another student said. “Not regular fights it was gang on gang.”

St. Bernard Parish Deputies arrived at the school to help bring the situation under control.

As many as 15-students were sent home for the day.

Parents heard about the melee through automated phone calls.

“I’m tongue tied, I’m just outraged because I shouldn’t have to deal with this. None of these kids should have to deal with this,” a parent said.

School leaders wanted to assure parents that things were under control, contrary to rumors spreading like wildfire.

“You make me thing everything is alright but I’m still seeing security measures being taken. Well if everything is alright, why aren’t these students back in class learning.”

We sat with school superintendent Doris Voitier.

She says there were no weapons involved, and no one was seriously injured in the fistfight.

She agrees with the Sheriff’s statement that the situation has been blown out of proportion; and that contrary to reports on social media, the school was never placed on lock-down.

Instead first period was held over.

“I think that was a kind way of saying basically there was a lock-down,” another parent said.

“I think it really is a big deal I don’t understand how you can say that,” a student said. “A fight that big, is a big deal.”

“It is a big deal and I think the safety of the students is more important than the Sheriff trying to calm everybody else down.”

Sheriff’s deputies will be present at the school for the remainder of the week, to help maintain order.

An investigation into what happened continues.