New Orleans Saints Players Teach Women About Football

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“I am the football fan in the house,” exclaims one female Who Dat.

Come Monday night men may learn a thing or two from the ladies. Tonight the women of the Who Dat nation put on their game face and took tips from the pros.

“A lot of these ladies know actually more than you expect them to know so we’re just trying to teach and hopefully make it an advanced class,” says former Saint Darren Sharper.

“I feel like every year they want more and more information because when we first started this a couple years ago I felt like they knew everything we were talking about,” says Saints Wide Receiver Lance Moore.

“I grew up with my mom,  aunt, grandma, and they’re just as loud and bolsterous as I expect this crowd to be so I’m ready,” says Saints Defensive End Cameron Jordan.

Hundreds came out to support and learn. It’s a room full of estrogen, ready to take on some black and gild testosterone.

The 4th Annual Football Camp for Her also raises awareness about breast cancer. It’s the brainchild of Slidell resident and sports agent Darryn DeWalt who has been battling cancer for the last six years.

“This is our baby.  It’s important.  We’re reaching a lot of women; touching a lot of people,” says DeWalt.

At the event Lance Moore’s hand was in a brace. He says he banged it up, but would not say whether he’s playing in the game this Monday night.