Low turnout for Edwin Edwards means LA is finally moving forward

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A sure sign that the state of Louisiana is finally moving forward: the Edwin Edwards interview at the LSU Union Theatre was a complete failure. The reason? No one showed up to watch.

In typical Edwards fashion, LSU and the state lost about $45,000 on the event. Nothing new here. Higher education and the advancement of the state suffering tremendously under Edwards.

First off what ex-governor would require a fee to show up for an interview at his own state’s flagship public institution? Not a private sector interview, but one paid for by the state and LSU.

Secondly, not addressing the number one topic on everyone’s list, his federal conviction, made for a fairly worthless interview. Only about 25% of the 1200+ tickets available actually sold, while the rest were simply given away. Problem was, even with free admission, no one showed up. Well, I shouldn’t say no one. Less than half the theatre was full, and that’s with nearly 1000 freebies given away. And that’s a good thing.

Not that no one showed up to watch an old crook opine about the breakfast grits at the Cracker Barrel in Gonzales, but that today’s Louisianians don’t care about an old washed up thief.

It was almost a sad day for Edwin Edwards. Once, a man who could draw a crowd by simply walking outside now can’t garner one when they give tickets away to his event.

A sad day for Edwards is a good day for us.  When no one is taking this guy seriously, it’s a sure sign that Louisiana is finally moving forward.