Will justice be served by re-trying the Danziger cops?

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Will justice be served?  Jim Letten is causing quite a mess lately.  More specifically, former higher ups in Jim Letten’s old office are causing that mess.

We all know by now that former prosecutors Jan Mann and Sal Perricone were acting the fool at work, posting comments on Nola.com.  We know that many of the comments were caustic and way beyond the scope of their jobs as federal prosecutors.

But we also ask two questions as well: not many folks read the anonymous postings on Nola.com. Does anyone take them as real information being revealed or just comments from the peanut gallery?  And, can anyone name a poster on Nola.com or anywhere else for that matter?

Judge Englehardt says the Danziger cops may have not received a fair trial because of the online postings from inside Letten’s office. I say who knew the comments at the time were coming from Letten’s office, and who was actually believing them as fact?   Probably no one.

If I’m the Feds, I appeal this ruling. Did Letten lose control of his office at the end? No doubt.  Mann and Perricone are causing quite a mess, but influencing the public through postings on Nola.com is a huge stretch and a federal appeals judge might agree.

And lets also remember, the criminal facts in these cases has not changed, we are still talking about criminals that committed crimes against us, the citizens of New Orleans.

I’m not concerned about the criminal cops from Danziger or ex-mayor Nagin, all I’m concerned about is justice for all of us.