There’s Only One Tie-Dye Roger

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One of the most ancient and colorful art forms is making resurgence. Tie-Dye!

Good thing New Orleans has Tie-Dye Roger, a Louisiana tie-dye genius when it comes to tying and dying.

Tie-Dye Roger spent years perfecting tie-dye technique to a T

Tie-Dye Roger is a part of New Orleans who believes…to create world class tie-dyes, one must baptize themselves completely in tie-dye.

Only Tie-Dye Roger’s tie-dyes can radiate dynamic tie-dye energies to become one with tie-dye mythology

Tie-Dye Roger plans to lead a growing tie-dye movement, one tie-dye guy at tie-dye time.

Click on the video above and watch, as Tyler Wing goes Wingin’ It with Tie-Dye Roger.


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