Nagin Attorney Seeks Indefinite Trial Delay

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Ray Nagin’s defense attorney, Robert Jenkins, is asking a judge for an indefinite delay in the former mayor’s federal corruption trial.

Jenkins is basing his request on the blogging scandal that is rocking the United States Attorney’s office in New Orleans.  This week, a federal judge threw out five convictions of former NOPD officers in the Danziger Bridge case based on the scandal.

In federal documents, Jenkins claims at least one former prosecutor posted online blogs about Nagin.  The document includes a few examples, including one that lists Nagin as one of the Three Stooges.

Jenkins says the blogs could make it impossible for Nagin to receive a fair trial.  He wants the indefinite delay until after all investigations into the blogging scandal are complete and their results made public or revealed to Nagin.

A hearing on the request is set for October 9th.