Fourth Tulane Student Robbed So Far This School Year

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“Stuff like that happens every day and we get emails about it, but as soon as you realize it happened just a block down from your house you know, it’s pretty funny,” says Everett Brown.

It’s an odd situation for Tulane Junior Everett Brown, but a scary one for most.

Police say what appears to be a white 1980’s or 1990’s Trans Am with two either red or black racing stripes approached a 22-year-old Tulane student as he walked on Freret Street near Lowerline. Reports show the passenger got out, pulled out a semiautomatic handgun, and took off with the student’s laptop and shopping bags.

“You’re kind of just numb to it all. I mean, it’s really, really common around here and you kind of just get used to it,” says Tulane Law Student Kyle Satterfield.

This latest crime singling out a Tulane student happened Tuesday night, around 11:30, just blocks from campus.

The 22-year-old now becomes the fourth Tulane student robbed near campus this school year and we are not even half way through the first semester. Police say two others were carjacked, a 20-year-old was robbed and shoved to the ground, and now this latest incident is once again turning heads.

Tulane Sophomore Kellt Straky exclaims, “I was actually just there that night like 30 minutes before!”

“One of my friends got jumped down on I think state street a couple weeks ago,” says Tulane Sophomore Jonathan Hermanson.

Tulane Junior James Houston says, “I would never walk around alone in New Orleans at night, or in any big city.”

Tulane University Police Superintendent Jon Barnwell says with the help of the NOPD Tulane has increased patrols in and around campus.

“We’re trying to target the hot spots and trying to see if we can address it by pushing the crime elsewhere,” says Barnwell.


Subject 1: Black male, approximately 20-22 years of age, 5’11”, thin build, dark complexion, short fade haircut, grey hoodie, possible tattoo on right cheek
Subject 2: Black male, approximately 30-35 years of age, red baseball cap (driver)
Subject 3: Black male (remained in rear of vehicle)

SUSPECT’S VEHICLE: The subjects fled in a white 1980s or 1990s Chevrolet Camaro or Pontiac Trans Am with two black rally-style stripes running from the hood to the rear of the vehicle.

TUPD is working with NOPD to increase patrols in the area.