EXCLUSIVE ON CAM: Beating Victim Reveals Why Fight Continued

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We are learning more about a fistfight caught on camera that led to the suspension of an NOPD officer.

In an exclusive interview Wednesday we heard from one of the women in the middle of the melee.

Now WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter reveals why the woman says the fight was allowed to happen.

Nearly one month after the smack-down that stopped traffic on busy Canal Street, we caught up with one of the women who boastfully claimed her bit in the brawl .

Trotter asked, “Is this you? “Don’t that look like me,” Ablioncia Lindsey replied.

Lindsey is the one in the pink blouse kicking, punching, and pulling hair like her life depended on it.

It was a fight over a disagreement that she says never should have happened; because she thought police standing nearby would keep her safe.


“Like he didn’t defend me at all,” Lindsey said. “The man didn’t defend me, he didn’t even help me he just was standing up there the whole time.”

She’s talking about officer Cortez Hankton.

The veteran officer defense attorneys claim was hesitant to break up a street fight between the two women,.

Instead he used his radio to call for back-up from female officers.

But Lindsey tells a different story.

“The police told the other police that was on duty with them they wasn’t going to do nothing about it,” Lindsey said. “They just was gonna stand up there and just let us fight.” “That’s what he said.”

After tussling into a glass window and having her hand bitten, Lindsey says the opponent’s brother stepped in and punched her in the face; not once, twice, but three times.

“I was in the hospital for that too,” Lindsey said.

A civilian woman wearing a purple shirt appears to do more to hold the man back than officer Hankton.

The YouTube video has gone viral.

“My grandmother and aunt, they called all the way from California asking me about what was going on with the fight and why was the police just standing up there,” Lindsey said.

New Orleans Police Superintendent Ronal Serpas says all officers are trained to break up fights, and there is no policy against male officers breaking up fights between women.

Officer Cortez Hankton has been placed on leave without pay pending the outcome of an independent investigation.


  • AhContraire

    A brawl once or twice a week on Canal St?

    Well, that makes the officer even more correct to never turn his back to that guy with n shirt as that area is plain dangerous.

    If that officer turned his back and attempted to break up the fight, that guy with no shirt, probably ex-con or out on bail, could have GRABBED the officer's GUN and that would be even a bigger problem. You saw what the guy with no shirt did to one of the females. He is probably looking to GRAB the GUN in the first place as he seems like a typical NOLA thug. Furthermore, that business appears to attract that type of clientele anyway and essential caters to thugs. So who is this business to say the police are at fault when a fight breaks out 1-2 times a week? Those businesses on Canal St want it both ways. They want to sell alcohol, urban pants on your ground wear to thugs and then not expect thugs to act stupid? …Needs IRS AUDIT

  • AhContraire

    I got to say this again.
    One to Two fights PER WEEK on Canal St?
    If this officer had to patrol that area with that many fights per week, would you not do what he did after a while?
    And those are the reported fights….
    Now who's really at fault, as this didn't happen overnight.

    Ultimately, the blame starts at the top.
    And who is the top?
    It's the RESIDENTS/voters of the city who elect the politicians, who make the laws of which Promote IR-RESPONSIBILITY via:
    24/7 alcohol at every charity event/football game/social gathering/etc,
    video poker,
    almost free permits for the Jackson Sq street artists/performers and tarot readers($175/yearly permit vs $300/month parking),
    Section 8,
    churches (e.g. St. J???) who feed the homeless who can easily do something with their lives beside drink alcohol on the street medians 24/7
    Huey P. Long NINJA-Loan 'No Skin In the Game' Homestead Exemption that causes blight just like other cities and where blight attracts crime, homeless, panhandlers,
    Glorified "Ghetto Liquor/Grocery Store' Gas Station that sell alcohol to the homeless/panhandlers 24/7.

    The police also get unfairly blamed for the driving past panhandlers/homeless at all the major intersections of New Orleans when it's the residents/voters fault for electing judges and politicians who rule it's perfectly legal and ok to panhandle.

    Ultimately, it's the RESIDENTS/voters of the City New Orleans who are at greatest fault.

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