California Values Dogs Over Babies

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In the film The Usual Suspects, the usual suspects always seemed to be near nickel & dime crime scenes. After the tragic shooting at the Washington Naval Yard yesterday (1), the usual suspects in Congress have corralled the survivors of the Newtown CT shooting to make an encore (2) appearance to appeal for gun control. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel once famously quipped that good politicians “never let a serious crisis go to waste” thus the eternal grief of the 13 shot dead family’s, shall not “go to waste.” How ironic that the mayor who now presides over the bullet-riddled graveyard that Chicago has become will have his haiku used to attempt another federal gun ban? “This must be done,” we will be told, “because innocent life is precious and must be preserved and defended at all costs.” Really? Bearing that in mind, let’s move this discussion over to California.

That state Assembly has passed AB-154 which will amend California’s health and safety code (3) making it legal for non-physicians to perform vacuum-aspiration abortions. If you’re wondering what that is (4), imagine you’re a tribesman in Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto, captured by a band of Mayans and escorted to the top of their pyramid. Their high priest or Mayan version of an abortionist, proceeds to “aspirate” your still beating heart out of your chest before beheading you as a sacrifice to their Gods. The big difference is California’s aspiration is performed on the baby’s whole body. Conversely, California business Code states that only licensed Veterinarians can perform aspirations on animals meaning CA holds the life of dogs in higher regard than babies. “But we must disarm the public so we can protect innocent life!” Is there anymore innocent a life, than a soon to be born infant?

If “protecting the innocent” requires new gun bans then what must be banned to protect soon-to-be, innocent babies? I would like a usual suspect to answer that question.