Unacceptable: LSU ranks low in national education survey

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It’s unfortunate that the University of Alabama has had a better football team than LSU’s team the last few years. It’s entirely unacceptable the University of Alabama has better academics than LSU. Another year, another set of rankings from US News and World Report and another year of LSU falling behind academically.

Of the 14 schools in Southeastern Conference, which is known more for athletics than academics, only Ole Miss (#150) and Mississippi State (#142) rank lower academically than LSU (#135). (The University of Alabama was ranked #86.) Of the 14 SEC schools, LSU ranks 12 out of 14.

If LSU ranked 12 out of 14 schools in the SEC in football we would have fired the coach. But we continue to have average to sub-standard academics at LSU, and at all other state public colleges and universities, and choose to do little to nothing about it.

LSU used to be a fine academic institution but that was also generations ago. It’s not 1940 anymore, it’s 2013 and the facts are clear: LSU, the flagship public university in our state, has mediocre academics at best, and arguably worse.

Comparing apples to apples, LSU loses time and time again. Where Georgia and Florida are Top 50 schools academically in our country, LSU doesn’t crack the top 100!

I’m a proud LSU grad, but it’s time to stop the slide and actually start investing in higher education in our state. It’s not about us anymore, it’s about our kids. Louisiana’s short-sighted attitude towards education is selling out our own kids. Year after year, decade after decade, generation after generation.

Alabama beating us on the football field is bad enough, beating us in the classroom is highly unacceptable.