Brain Eating Amoeba in Water Supply Puts St. Bernard Neighbors on High Alert

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St. Bernard Parish is taking steps to make sure there are no more infections caused by a brain-eating amoeba.

Reports of a killer  amoeba in the water supply,  which has already claimed one life, has Edgar Brown on high alert, “Is that going to give me the amoeba that will eat my brain up and shorten my life? Today is my birthday. I`m making 59.”

To make 60… Louisiana State Epidemiologist Raoult Ratard says remember just one thing,  “The only way you can get the amoeba is to get inside the nose.”

“Yes your nose. It`s got to go up your nose,” says Brown.  “That could happen in the shower you know? I`m trying to be very careful.

“When you take a shower water usually goes down. It does not go up,” says Ratard. “If you take a bath, don`t put your head under water. You want to be sure the amoeba is not there? You make sure there is enough chlorine in the water.”

Plaquemines  Parish is asking the state to test its water supply.  There is  no problem with Plaquemines’ water  but the parish wants to order the tests as a precaution.