Ray Nagin’s case could soon be headed to trial … maybe

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Could ex-mayor Ray Nagin’s case actually be going to trial? Right now, that appears to be the case. Late next month the Feds and Nagin will go at it at federal court on Poydras Street.

The ex-mayor is accused of stealing just about everything, including the kitchen sink. The Feds have an array of witnesses, all ready to testify against the former mayor of New Orleans.

Nagin seems ready to roll the dice in court. Or is he?

October 28th is Nagin’s trial date, meaning the ex-mayor and the Feds have about 6 weeks to hammer out a plea deal and I think that’s exactly what’s going to happen.  There is way too much to risk against the Feds who appear to have a rock solid case.

Plus, Nagin’s sons and wife appear to be involved.  If the Feds wanna play hardball, and they love playing hard ball, they could include Nagin’s family in the charges.

It’s crunch time, not only for the ex-mayor, but for the Feds as well.  Will Nagin pull an Edwin Edwards or Bill Jefferson and fight the Feds when they appear to have such a strong case against him?

Conventional wisdom says look for the ex-mayor to cop a plea any day now.  But also remember, there is nothing conventional about Ray Nagin.