New Orleans releases red light camera PSA

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You may hate red light cameras, but the city of New Orleans has released a new public service announcement to let you know how important they are.

The video basically explains the importance of driving safely, and uses sound bites from different groups, including schools and bike groups, to endorse the program, before explaining how the program works.

The video argues the program hinders dangerous driving and goes to lengths to make sure violations actually occurred.


  • David

    Oh look, a PSA put together by a scamera vendor with the police department’s rubber stamp on it. Both have a financial stake in automated for-profit enforcemet. That’s credible. The bottom line is that crashes caused by red light runners are those in which the driver is either distracted or impaired, 2 or more seconds into the red phase. A camera on a pole will not fix this. It’s great at generating revenue for all those “dangerous” violators 0.2 seconds into the red phase, however.

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