Expectation on Sean Payton’s return are through the roof

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The Saints have been working for months, but on Sunday, Sean Payton starts to truly earn his sizeable paycheck.

The Saints are paying Payton what is believed to be $8 million per season. Why? To win games like the upcoming Saints-Falcons matchup.

High pay, high expectations — and fair or not, expectation on Payton’s return is thru the roof.

How will it all turn out? Who knows?

But one things for sure: Payton has re-injected confidence in the locker room. In the taped piece you heard Zach Strief say, ‘We always seem to play well in big games under Sean.’

Payton’s edginess plays well with his team.  Last season – especially early in the year – there were too many nice guys. Everyone, including the coaches, were walking around, making sure they didn’t step on anyone’s toes.

Payton has no such quandary and the players know it.

And payton knows this: he’s paid to win the big one, and Sunday is it.