Pete Carmichael

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New Orleans Saints Offensive Coordinator Pete Carmichael

Post-Practice Media Availability

Friday, September 6, 2013


Much like New Orleans, Atlanta has had some changes defensively. How much have you been able to take from last year’s meetings into this year’s preparation?


“I think with every team in the NFL there are going to be a few unexpected things, I think, for everybody going in. It’s a rivalry game. We know their personnel, they know our personnel for the most part. Again, maybe a couple of adjustments that need to be made as the game goes on.”


What were some of the things that you saw with your group in the preseason that you think will translate well to what we will see in the regular season?


“I think that we feel pretty good about the personnel that we have. We have a lot of experience with the guys we have. Things aren’t going to change too much.”


How has Robert Meachem looked so far? Is he back to his old form?


“Yes. I think there’s going to be a period of time of catching up to do, just because he hasn’t been here in a while. I think we feel good with where he’s at.”