New Orleans needs the right kind of activists

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The city of New Orleans seems to have an abundance of activists.  Many are actually from New Orleans and live here while many simply come here to complain. We appear to be a hot bed for activism. But are the activists really delivering the proper message, or are they here for the ride?

In the last few days 2 more babies were killed on the streets of New Orleans. That brings the total number to 4 tots killed this year alone in New Orleans and that’s 4 too many. The problem is, I don’t see any of the so-called activists protesting that.

They certainly gathered at Merritt Landry’s house in the Marigny to protest.

Landry, a homeowner, shot a known thief, Marshal Coulter, in the head. Problem is, Coulter is just 14. Forget that his family acknowledges that he’s a career criminal. Forget that it was hours past curfew. Forget that the kid was in the process of stealing from Landry. Forget that Landry has a pregnant wife and young daughter in the house. Forget that Landry is scared for his life. Who wouldn’t be when a stranger is in your yard up to no good at 2 in the morning?

Forget all of that. As a matter of fact, let’s forget about the four toddlers murdered on the street this year and focus on a career criminal. Let’s fight for the criminal, up to no good, and not the innocent children murdered on our streets.

We need activists in New Orleans, no doubt. Let’s just get some that actually care for all of us and not some with wacky, race-motivated, self-serving agendas. The 4 little kids murdered this year deserved better.