Pollard Cousins Found Guilty Of Murdering 2-Yr-Old Jeremy Galmon

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It took jurors about two hours to convict two cousins, Bernell and Jamiron Pollard, of murdering two-year-old Jeremy Galmon in September of 2010.

Just like this week’s murder of one-year-old Londyn Samuels, Galmon was shot in Central City.

Witnesses testified that they saw the two cousins run up on a car and open fire.  The attack happened in broad daylight while a second-line parade was passing through the area.  There was a crowd of people and Galmon was inside of a car when he was hit by the stray gunfire.

According to police, some witnesses were able to identify the Pollard cousins from photo lineups.  But defense attorneys stressed that other witnesses were unable to pick out the pair.

A sentencing hearing for the Pollard cousins is set for October 11th.