Hunt is on For A Possible Suspect Wanted in a North Shore Attempted Child Abduction

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Mandeville Police released a suspect sketch and a vehicle description in the attempted abduction of an eleven-year old girl on the north shore.

David Crawford watches after school for his daughter Denae, who was almost kidnapped  last time the bus dropped her off, “The bus driver agreed to drop her off now if front of the house.  And I`ll be waiting.”

Police say a Hispanic man followed the 11-year-old girl home, at one point getting out of the car and chasing after her, “He didn`t pull up and stop until she got right here,” says Crawford. “She managed to make it to the door.”

By the time Crawford came back outside, the suspect drove away, “If this guy comes back again, maybe we can catch him.”

At last, Denae’s school bus drops her off into the waiting arms of her father, “I didn`t really think of anything,” she says. “ Just run to the door as fast as I could.”

“She did everything right,” says Capt. Ron Ruple with the Mandeville Police Dept.” She didn`t stop to talk to this individual. She ran immediately. We started to increase our patrols. We’ve e got extra officers out, especially during the bus times.”

The official police description of the suspect is an Hispanic male, late 20`s to early 30`s, heavy-set with a mustache and glasses. Speaks with a Spanish accent.

The vehicle is identified as a mid to early 90`s Cadillac or Chevy Caprice, green or grey with rust, peeling paint and dents on the hood.

State and federal authorities are also on alert.

In the end, Danae stood bravely on her front porch and told reporters to help spread the word, “I hope that whoever sees this man reports to the police because you don’t know what he could do next.”


  • grace bell

    I’ve noticed in my neighborhood in Eastern Old Mandeville that the school bus drivers drop off even the smallest, youngest, children blocks from their homes. Doesnt the school board have any rules in distance-from-home dropoffs for very young children? Every day I watch as a tiny little girl, who couldnt be over 5/6 yr.old, walks all by herself from the dropoff corner at Atalin/Montgomery down three isolated streets where everyone is at work. She looks so frightened as she goes by. I’ve always felt like calling someone about this, but didn’t know where to call.

  • unknown

    I’ve seen a Hispanic male in my neighbor hood where I live in gretna with a light blueish/ grayish big body car with a big saints symbol on the back window and he kinda looks like the sketch.

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