Top LA Film Exec Says We Could Get New Competition From The Other L.A.

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This week, the mayor of Los Angeles stated he would ramp up efforts in his city to keep movie productions that are opting to shoot in other states or even Canada.

Mayor Eric Garcetti told Variety that he wants to create the position of a film czar as well as beef up tax credits.

The move comes as Louisiana’s film industry is growing.  Chris Stelly is the head of the state commission Louisiana Entertainment.  He says Garcetti’s plans could very well bring  more projects to Los Angeles.

But Stelly also says Louisiana never intended to compete with California.  Instead, he says, the state’s goal all along was to try to attract projects that were leaving the United States in favor of Canada.

Stelly also says that Louisiana’s film infrastructure is getting stronger every year.  He says a growing number of companies and talented people in the industry now live in Louisiana, meaning fewer — if any — people must be brought into the state on a temporary basis to work on projects.

Other states like Michigan and New Mexico also have solid film incentive programs but have placed caps or ceilings on them.  There has been talk in Louisiana of scaling back incentives, but Stelly says every year the Louisiana legislature keeps the current incentives in place, continuing the industry’s ability to grow in the state.