Decadent Dishes Not Listed on the Menu

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Are you a local “foodie” in the know? Well you definitely know Tujague’s, but have you ever met their leading lady?

“Bonne femme in French means good woman, so it’s chicken for good woman,” says owner Mark Latter.

The Chicken Bonne Femme contains flour-less pan-fried chicken, parsley, garlic and potatoes. “It’s a very well-known secret in New Orleans [among] locals, regulars, regular’s friends and family. You have to come in and ask for it. We would never have it on the menu because we don’t have the capacity, the stove space to cook multiple orders at a time,” says Latter.

“When we have VIPs come in or people we really want to take care of, we give them the Chicken Bonne Femme as a taste.” The dish is often called “garlic deliciousness” and grabs the room’s attention with its aroma and bright color.

For dessert, The Pontchartrain Hotel has a secret dish that will satisfy any sweet tooth. Created in 1948, the Mile High Pie is another crowd pleaser that is not found on a menu. It is 10×10 inches of Neapolitan and peppermint ice cream, chocolate sauce, berries and a flambéed meringue. “There are a lot of articles on the internet about the Mile High Pie and a lot of people call even though we have been closed for a long time, a lot of people call and schedule events and order these pies,” says Tina Tortomase.

The original recipe called for just Neapolitan ice cream, but peppermint was added in later. That is one of the only major changes to the recipe since it was first created. Even though the pie is not readily available all the time, residents of The Pontchartrain Hotel can feel reassured that it is not going anywhere. “I don’t think we will ever stop making it,” assures Tortomase.