Mother Confronts Daughter’s Alleged Bully On School Bus

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A mother is thrown in jail, accused of threatening a sixth grader on a school bus. .

“I didn’t touch nobody. I didn’t hit nobody,” 34 year old Sayra Smith recounts all stemmed from an altercation the day before.

Eric Becnel with Plaquemines Parish Sheriff’s Office says the  school board alerted them Friday saying  Smith got on her daughters school bus and threatened a sixth grade girl, “That if she were to put her hands on her child she would have to deal with the mother. ”

“I just told the girl, touch my child one more time and she’s going to have problems. Meaning I’m pressing charges,” says the mother of three kids in school.

Becnel says Smith was arrested and charged with trespassing and disturbing the peace, “She cursed the driver out, used profanity towards him.  Bus driver had to ask several times for her to exit the bus.”

“Like they said in the story, he didn’t tell me several times,” recalls Smith who says she was just standing up for her 5th grade daughter, since the bus driver did nothing after an alleged  fight broke out on the bus the day before. “

“Her daughter was allegedly, I guess bullied by another student,” says Becnel

“She refused to stop kicking the seat. So that’s when they started fighting,” says smith. “I called the school and they didn’t know nothing about the fight that happened the day before.”

“No one had reported the incident. The school board, they determined that that wasn’t correct.” Says Becnel about Thursdays alleged fight on the bus.

Smith says the bus driver should have reported Thursdays alleged  fight to school officials before she took matters into her own hands on Friday, “When he dropped the kids off he should have went and reported what was going on the bus. The bus driver should have gone to them first. That was his job. Not mine.”

Smith says while  her daughter serves a three day suspension she is banned from school property, “My son is about to play football. I can’t go to none of his games.”

Becnel says smith should have filed a proper complaint , “That’s totally inappropriate and we are not going to tolerate  that type of behavior.  As an adult, she should have used better restraint.”

Smith says if the school district won’t protect her child, who else will? “If my child was in the wrong I would have handled it differently. Once she gets on this bus it’s your job to make sure that she is safe. She’s getting punished for protecting herself basically.”

Becnel says Friday’s events were captured on the school bus surveillance camera.

Smith says the bus driver should take responsibility if Thursdays surveillance camera reveals a fight that should have been reported.

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