Gamers Get Ready for Madden 25 Release

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“It’s one of those things where you brag like on your favorite football team, your favorite players. You brag on the best people who are playing the game too,” says Best Buy’s self proclaimed video game expert Jonathan Singleton.

25-year-old Singleton says he was practically born playing video games.  Now he’s getting ready to sell one of the most anticipated games this summer.

At midnight the Madden franchise turns 25 and their latest game will be available for PlayStation and Xbox at a cost of $60.

Singleton says Madden 25 is the best version yet.

“The biggest difference is the players,  the computer and what Madden did and EA did to make the game more realistic.  Where you actually move a different way and the players weight shifts so if you do something that is unrealistic you will probably trip and fall. Even when you’re making a mistake you’ll have the opportunity to come back and instead of just bursting with speed you can slow down to do smoother moves.”

At midnight Best Buy will open their doors strictly to sell Madden 25.

They’re even giving away two copies as doors open.

“It’s one of those things where you have been waiting,  like you wait for shoes to be release, the first Saints game,” says Singleton, “the anticipation is killing them.  They’re ready to play the day it comes out.”