‘Secret Millionaire’ Helps Family Re-build home after Hurricane Katrina

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This week marks the 8th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.  Over the years, helping families rebuild has come in all different forms.  Even in the form of a ‘Secret Millionaire’.  The Roberts family in Gentilly got help from an unexpected source.

“We put in a petition to God and left it up to him.  He was an angel in disguise,”  Joe Roberts said.

When the Roberts family lost their home in Hurricane Katrina, an angel is what they needed.  They had no clue help would come from Amos Winbush, a Wall Street businessman.   Winbush is the CEO and founder of CyberSynchs, a multi-million dollar technology firm that specializes in universal data transfer and synchronization.  Louisiana is his home state.

Roberts was told Winbush was a volunteer who wanted to help them with home repairs.  Roberts said, Winbush didn’t exactly seem like a handy-man.

“When he walked in and I looked at his hands, I told him he had girly hands,”  Roberts said.    Winbush helped the family put in new doors and wooden floors.

“Then out of the blue he just gave me a check.  I was just blown away.  How often does someone come around and give you a check for $30,000 dollars?”

Amos came to New Orleans to film an episode for ABC’s reality show, ‘Secret Millionaire’, where a millionaire goes incognito to help the needy.  Camera crews teamed up with St. Paul’s Homecoming Center, a local non-profit that’s been helping families fix up their homes since Katrina.

Folks over at St. Paul’s thought it was all for a documentary on hurricane recovery and sent Amos over to help the Roberts family.

“There are times when words can’t express what you’re feeling in your heart,”  Roberts said.

Because of the help they were able to completely remodel their kitchen with new tile floors, granite counters, and appliances.

“When I think about people like Amos, they give you hope, they give you encouragement,”  Roberts said.

This special episode of ‘Secret Millionaire’ will air on WGNO-TV tonight at 8 p.m.


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