The Fashionable World of Saints Fans

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Football season is here!  A  fresh season means fresh gear and there are plenty of new styles to choose from. Football may be a man’s sport but women are the most valuable shoppers in the league with so many accessories to choose from.

“It’s something I don’t think people were doing ten years ago, but we’ve definitely changed the game, no pun intended, when it comes to fashion and football,” says Fleurty Girl Lauren Thom.

“You can tailor your outfit and make it more feminine, more women are attending football games which is fun,” says Thom.

“I’ve been outselling women to men for the last six or seven years now,” says Pam Randazza of Black and Gold in Metairie.

For men, polos and jerseys always sell the most but there is one hot new item that they’re clamoring to get their hands on: football gloves.

“It’s just a great fan item, it has the rubberized tips to help catch the ball and just really looks good,” says Tyger Gifts Co-Owner Susan Bankston.

There’s no need for a show of hands, ladies win when it comes to looking good in their Saints gear.