‘Miss Hat Lady’ creates brown paper bag Saints hats

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In Saints history…the brown paper bag was worn when the Saints couldn’t win a game.  Local sportscaster, “Buddy D” advised Saints supporters to wear paper bags over their heads to show their disgust.  The idea was borrowed rom “The Unknown Comic”—who wore a brown bag on stage on “The Gong Show.”

Those dark days are long gone and now the paper bag’s showing pride…not embarrassment.  The woman leading this movement is “Miss Hat Lady”.

“I started with a brown paper bag and then I created it using fabric and trim.  I started making them in 2006 after my mother passed away.  She left a whole bunch of fabric, so now I do this to honor her,” she said.

Putting a glimmer in every Saints fans eyes is why she makes the hats.

“It’s so amazing to see people having such a good time with something so simple,”  she said.

She doesn’t sew.  She makes the hats by hands and says it’s not too tough.

“I hand embellish them.  I put ribbons and trimming.  The trimming is important to make sure it’s nice and comfortable.”

She makes her hats in all shapes and sizes and even some that clip-on to your hair.

Her goal for this Saints season is to have players from the team to sign one of her hats.  She will then donate the hat to the Children’s Miracle Network.

Miss Hat Lady’s hats are exclusively available at Carl Mack Presents.

“People love them.  The minute they come in, they are always trying them on,” Mack said.

Whether the Saints win or lose…she wants her brown paper bag hats to be a symbol of strength.

“The spirit of Louisiana is always a team effort, no matter what,”  she said.

She makes hats for any occasion including Mardi Gras and Easter.

If you would like a custom hat, e-mail her at cajunhatlady@gmail.com