Irvin Mayfield’s ‘Love Sessions’ Begins

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Seven nights of live music to benefit seven different non-profit groups: that’s what Irvin Mayfield’s ‘Love Sessions, A Festival of Giving’ is all about. “There’s always a great surprise around the corner, you never know when Irvin is going to jump into the audience and do a second line around the whole crowd,” says Chrissy Miller with the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra.

There is even an official cocktail of the Love Sessions called A Love Letter to New Orleans. This year there is something extra to be excited about. Every concert will be recorded live to be made into a seven disc CD collection that will be released sometime next year. “The community, the audience, they get to feel just as part of the performance as the band is,” says Miller.

It’s great music in a great venue, but what makes this festival so special is the opportunity to give back. “The Love Sessions has been a really wonderful event for UNITY of Greater New Orleans, we’ve been part of it since it first started in 2009. It’s a really great way for people in the community  to come and have a great drink and also know that you’re hearing great music that is supporting people who are homeless and learn more about our organization,” says Heather Searles  of UNITY of Greater New Orleans.

“Jazz is about community, jazz is family. It’s all about loving on the organizations that love on New Orleans,” says Miller.

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