Corps Reveals First Draft of St. John Parish Levee Protection Plan

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A flood of criticism aimed at the Army Corps new levee plan to protect St. John Parish.

The Corp kicked their flood protection plans into a higher gear after the surprise attack Laplace endured in the wake of hurricane Isaac flood waters one year ago.

Propose Friday, construction of an 18 mile levee stretching from the Bonnet Carre Spillway, to Hope Canal then all the way to the Mississippi River.

Studies show this west shore hurricane protection project levee would protect close to 17.000 structures at a cost of $888 million dollars.

On the west shore… Isaac caught Middendorf`s off guard … Causing a half million dollars in flood damage.

Owner Horst Pfeifer waiting any longer for the Corps of Engineers.

He built a quarter million dollar levee of his own to protect the nostalgic restaurant, “The race is on now. I call it political vote counting . Where ever there is more people and they got flooded, we build a levee and we get the vote.”

John Corneille with the  St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office car flooded in Isaac, “Cutting these holes in the levee so that the water can run out and bring more mud out to the gulf is the answer.”

Senator Mary L. Landrieu, is critical saying in a statement, “I do not support the tentatively selected alignment included in the report that excludes many people in St. James, St. John and St. Charles parishes from the levee system.”

U.S. Senator David Vitter also not a supporter, “This is disappointing,” he says,  “The locally preferred alignment would have offered a lot more protection for a lot more people for the same price,”

A mandatory forty five day public comment period will ensue with the first meeting September 17th in Laplace.