Protesters Rally Outside Marigny Home of Man Accused of Shooting Unarmed Teen

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Tempers flare in the Marigny as a Justice for Merritt rally is interrupted by protesters footsteps from the crime scene.

It has been four weeks since 33-year-old Merritt Landry was arrested for allegedly shooting 14-year-old Marshall Coulter in the head outside his home.

Neighbors say the unarmed teen was caught on camera climbing Landry’s iron fence at 2am. According to court documents Landry fired one shot after Coulter made a threatening move.

Some say he was just protecting his wife and toddler,  others say the crime was racially motivated.

“Homeowners that live in this area deserve justice and tge right to protect themselves,  their families and their property,” says Landry supporter Ron Evans.

“We’re not centralizing how common this situation is and that there are racial dynamics at play,” says protester Emily Danielson.

“I don’t think he was targeting anybody for any other reason,  for race or anything else, I think he was protecting his family,  protecting his property, ” says political analysts Jeff Crouere.

Crouere believes the District Attorney will present the case to a grand jury to see if they’ll decide to drop charges.

Landry faces attempted second degree murder charges and is due back in court Friday.


  • Mike

    All you people holding your pathetic little signs need to go find a real cause to protest. There is no story here. There is no race issue here. There is not racially motivated shooting here. Leave the home owner and his family alone.

  • Max Frisson

    "We’re not centralizing how common this situation"

    Centralizing this situation, what the heck does that mean?

  • Max Frisson

    Climbing a 7 foot fence at 2AM is probable cause to expect criminal activity and any move towards me I will use my Joe Biden-authorized shotgun to stop your forward progress. It aint loaded with bird shot either.

  • Sense

    This is sad. This is completely different from the Trayvon Martin situation. Someone intruded on someone else's property. At 2am, I doubt he was trying to determine the intruder's age or race; I'm completely sure (but for the sake of technicality for the what ifs, 99.99% sure) that he was only trying to protect his family from what he thought could've been a person willing to kill. So now any black teenager that dies at the white man's hands is the white man's fault? That's ridiculous. It's ok for the black boy to do what he wants when it comes to the white man because there will be a rally of supporters behind him. Where's the sense of accountability here?

    As a black female I am personally disgusted because the protestors are mainly white. Is this because the new generation of whites who fight for justice and peace for all think all black people want to see the white man go down if he kills a black person even when its indeed something the black person initiated? Another question would these protestors be out there if all the circumstances were the same and this young man was white? I honestly do not think so. There's hype around the "white man" killing the "black boy". The white boy would be looked at as breaking into another white man's property. Yes, it is unfortunate that the boy was killed. Very. I personally think owner should've only fired a warning shot if any shot was necessary. This isn't me saying that him shooting teenager in the head was motivated by anything other than panicking in a heated situation and that's a completely different topic and issue. But intruding someone's property in the middle of the night IS NOT walking down the street minding my own business.

    If we are going to fight for justice and equality for all then let's do that. Let's also hold people accountable for their actions. Again this is all very unfortunate but to call the owner a racist is unfair and unjust to him. If an issue is going to be made from this then let's make the issue make sense.

  • Ikari

    According to the White Guilt Industry all blacks are innocent, all whites are evil racists. There is no time ever, even when beating an old white man to death or shooting an infant in the face, are blacks ever guilty of anything ever. They didn do nuffin, and they sweet innocent youts.

    This is what we have learned.

  • Lala

    It's sad this child lost his life, but, as I recall there is a curfew for someone his age, why would you be on the streets at 2am, climbing someone else's fence to gain entrance into their property, I agree a warning shot could have been issued, but this child shouldn't have been there in the first place.

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