Leah Chase Talks Of Serving Presidents And The Butler Movie

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New Orleans culinary legend Leah Chase captivated fans and followers in Metairie Tuesday night.

It was all part of a Culinary Legends Series at the Eastbank Regional Library.

“A conversation with Leah Chase,” included topics like the success of her restaurant Dooky Chase, and her rise from humble beginnings picking strawberries.

Because the New Orleans chef, author, and television personality was active in the civil rights movement, we asked her about Lee Daniels’ The Butler.

The film is about the White House butler who served eight American Presidents.

“Whatever you do you should be proud of what you do.” “I preach that at the restaurant all the time,” Leah Chase said. “If you’re serving people, I love to serve people.” “I could live the rest of my life being a waiter if my legs would allow me too because I love to serve people.”

The Culinary Legends Series continues at Eastbank Regional Library next month with the King of Crawfish Al Scramuzza.