The extreme right is ruining the Republican party

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Although diametrically opposed on most issues, don’t Democrats and Republicans have the same goal? To win elections. To garner the popular vote. If that’s the case, why do Republicans continue to do the opposite?

Republicans are always complaining about the liberal media. I’m pretty sure anyone in America can be a member of the media.  Republicans are not banned from attending journalism school, or like many news journalists, enter the profession without a journalism specific degree. There is no one keeping conservatives out of the news business. Just ask Fox.

If that wasn’t enough, now hyper right-minded conservatives are complaining about groups targeting conservative based talk shows and their advertisers. The left-leaning groups are essentially letting advertisers know if they continue sponsoring these types of shows, they’ll boycott the products.

Sounds like the ultimate form of capitalism.  Hit ’em where it hurts: their pocketbook.

Now, the latest and greatest excuse from the wacky right is the Republican National Committee’s childish decision to ban CNN and NBC from attending any Republican presidential debates.

It seems the extreme right is miffed as to why these networks would want to do some programming on Hillary Clinton.  You know, the former First Lady for eight years and former Secretary of State.

Could you imagine Democrats banning Fox from debates? It would be laughed at, and understandably so.  The extreme right is ruining the Republican Party.  The goal is to win elections, not make excuses.