Pet Owners In St. John Parish Beware – Coyote Sightings On The Rise

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Coyotes spotted in St. John Parish have neighbors keeping a close watch on their pets.

Some people are finding out about the danger too late.

“He was up against the fence apparently had been dragged by one of them. Bitten in the neck,” says Chuck Lemoine describing a neighbor’s dog killed by coyotes. “They’re getting brave.”

More frequent coyote sightings around Belle Terre coincide with escalating reports of missing pets.

“It’s not safe to go anywhere near the coyotes. They look like dogs, but they are not,” says Councilwoman Cheryl Millet. “They’re looking for food.”

Millet says the public safety director suspects Hurricane Isaac drove coyotes from their swampy habitat to more populated areas, “Keep your cans covered. Don’t give coyotes access to any food.”

Since tracking coyotes can be costly and time consuming, calculating the volume of wild canines in the Belle Terre subdivision can be gauged only one way. “More complaints. We are getting more complaints from the residents,” says Millet.

“They just have to reach in there close and grab it by the leg. It’s going to attack and kill,” says Lemoine.

Millet says the public safety director urges neighbors to report coyote sightings and never approach them, “Be aware of it.”

St. John Parish plans to hire hunters or trappers to curb coyote populations, consulting other parishes to determine which method is more effective.