Mother Forgives Cop Who Killed Her Son

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A former New Orleans police officer showed remorse in court for killing an unarmed man during a raid.

Still, Joshua Coclough will serve four-years for the shooting death 20 year old Wendell Allen.

“I accepted his apology. He meant it from the bottom of his heart,” says mother Natahsha Allen outside the courthouse.

She says showing compassion is the only way the Allen  family can move forward, “It`s over. I finally got closure. I got what I wanted. I got justice. I`m happy he came forward and did the good thing.”

Coclough was sentenced to four years in prison with credit for time served.

“I don`t have my son no more but he still has his so I just hope he does some positive with his life,” says Allen.

Both Allen’s family and Colclough agreed to the plea deal prior to sentencing.

Coclough resigned from the N.O.P.D. Thursday.