Harmonica Blues Sensation Yuko Kido as Lady Butterfly

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A unique and accomplished Japanese harmonica player known around the New Orleans’s music scene as Lady Butterfly, is drawing quite the “buzz.”

“Blues is from here,” says musician Yuko Kido thumping her heart. “Blues makes me strong.”

Kido and her blues harmonica transform on stage in the New Orleans spot light as Lady Butterfly, a name Kido was anointed in Chicago, “I’d stick a butterfly on my face, see? And a vocalist friend of mine, he called me butterfly.”

In Japan more than ten years ago is where Kido’s harmonic butterfly wings took flight, “I’m from Kyoto, Japan. And my friend plays harmonica and sings. I  just wanted to be like him. And he taught me harmonica.”

Kido plays a myriad of different instruments. She moved those skills to the United States, living one year in Chicago.

Drawn by blues music and warmer weather, Lady Butterfly landed in New Orleans three years ago, “When we sing blues and play blues, we can be cool and not sad. Just play blues.”

On this night at Balcony Music Club, Lady Butterfly joins  New Orleans blues legend Ed Wills and Blues 4 Sale, “Yuko found me,” says Wills, 2011 New Orleans Blues Challenge Champion, “When I first met Yuko a couple of years ago, she was just awesome. We met and became friends almost instantly.”

Kido says she wanted to learn blues from the best,  “First time seeing him (Wills) I was like wow. He had good soul. I love his blues. I just want to play with him. He is the best blues guitarist in New Orleans, I think.”

Lady Butterfly keeps active, floating all over the Crescent City and Gulfport, MS performing with several bands.

Check below links for Lady Butterfly’s upcoming events:



Dmac’s Bar and Grill (542 s. Jeff Davis Pkwy) Saturday, Aug.  17th 7-9pm and Wednesday, Aug. 28th 8-11pm.

The Almanett Hotel & Bistro in Gulfport MS,  September 6, 7th  8-11pm

Pink Magnolias is an all Japanese female blues and funk band Kido helped found.



Ed Wills, Blues4Sale

Balcony Music Club (1331 Decatur St.)  Every Wednesday, 9pm



Gene’s Music Machine



*Lady Butterfly also plays every Friday at BMC with Bayou St. Funk. Starting at midnight.