Judge: restaurant owner can continue using ‘Camellia Grill’

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A federal judge has refused a motion for a preliminary injunction filed by Michael Shwartz, the man who controls the rights to the name and image of the Camellia Grill, to force the restaurant’s current owner, Hicham Khodr, from using the name and copyrighted image of Camellia Grill.

This means the restaurant, with locations on S. Carrollton Ave and in the French Quarter, can continue to operate as the Camellia Grill because the original purchase agreement between the two men allowed Khodr to use the name and logo.

This also clears the way for the Historic District Landmarks Commission to put the Building on S. Carrollton Ave on a historic registry.

This is part of a 2 year legal battle over control of the name and copyrighted image for the 67-year-old restaurant.