Drew Brees’ Slippery Situation

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Video of Drew Brees sliding in the rain makes a big splash throughout the Who Dat Nation.

Cell phone video of the “100 million dollar quarterback” sliding head first through the mud at training camp was shot Tuesday outside Saints headquarters.

Fans on line describe a “mini heart attack” watching the video, begging Drew Brees, “don’t get hurt.”

The Saints organization doesn’t seem concerned since they were the ones who posted the Drew Brees ”rain-slide” video in the first place.

Drew’s slippery situation raises some concerns among fans in the Irish Channel.

“He could get a knee injury. What if he hurt his wrist? He needs to protect himself more.”

“This is Drew being Drew being himself having a great time.”

“Drew Brees is the most competitive human being on the planet.”

“The type of money he is getting paid comes great responsibility.”

“IS THERE ANY CONCERN OF INJURY?  Drew is conditioned.”

“I’m sure his abs can handle a slip and slide.”

“He’s going like this. He could tear his wrist up and not be as accurate with the ball.”

“I’m a bears fan. Let him hurt himself.”

“The only person who should be concerned is Benson. The rest of us? We’re not paying him.”

“Is he the only one that made the concrete?”

“Of all the things he could do that’s not bad.”

“There’s no running backs or tight ends running sliding behind him.”

“People are making too much of a big deal about it.”

“Especially after the controversy with the tipping.”

“It’s still a good tip for a take-out order.”

“What if Drew Brees got  injured sliding in the rain?

“What if? We’re going to judge life on what if?”

“His video doesn’t concern me. “

“In the rain, having a great time. That’s all it is.”