A New Orleans Artist’s New Spin On Old Records

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An artist in Jackson Square is putting his own spin on New Orleans culture with his own vinyl record art.

“One day, I wanted to try a different surface.  I thought let me do records.”

The days of only painting on the age-old canvas are over for artist, Jason Rodriguez.

“I like the reaction I get from people.  The nostalgia of the object excites people,”  he said.

For about a year he’s been painting on old vinyl records and selling them in Jackson Square.

“The best reaction I got was from a lady.  She started hyperventilating.  One of my pieces touched her.  That’s what I want.  I want an emotional response to my work.”

His records vary in themes.  Some have Fleur De Lis’ on them.  Others have animals splattered on them with paint.Other records are more surreal.

“These records are a series of my dreams that I’ve had.  They are kind of inconsistent as far as the subject matter.  They’re kind of my dream diaries,”  Rodriguez said.

He said on a good day he could sell up to 50 records.  During festivals he usually sells hundreds.  With the high demand, he keeps his vinyl supply high.

“That’s why I buy them in the bulk at thrift stores,”  he said.

He’s mastered painting on records….

What’s next…cassettes?  CD’s?

“I’m actually collecting laser discs.  I’m starting to do a reflection type painting on them now,”  Rodriguez said.

He sells his art in Jackson Square on Saturday and Sunday.His art is also available at The Sharp Gallery on Julia Street.

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