Pets Welcome! Places that Cater to Canines

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“We got water bowls for them, bones for them, little toys to chew on.”

The Bulldog in Mid-City has a shady patio, perfect for your pet, but did you also know they’re committed to giving back?

“Here at this location and our Uptown location and Baton Rouge, we do what we call Yappy Hour, which is the 3rd Thursday of every month, 5pm to 7pm. We donate 20% of all of our sales and tips to whatever charity we pick,” says Manager Jeremy Byrne.

“We try to switch it up, we’ll do one, then another one. We do an adoption day here too with the SPCA that’s another good thing. We do require a leash, but bring it out and have fun!”

Another sweet stop for four-legged guests is Cafe Freret, where mascot Zeus can be found entertaining the regulars.

“They walk right up and play with him. They ask to take him on a walk and they’ll walk him up and down the block every once in a while,” says owner Carl Guidroz. “As soon as we see you walk in with a dog, we’ll bring out a fresh bowl of water. During the summertime, we’ll even throw in some ice to make sure it’s cold for them.”

What’s even cooler is that the chefs in the kitchen here bake four different vet approved treats just for dogs.

“We make an all-natural milk bone, an almond cookie, a peanut butter and a snicker pooch. You can enjoy something with your dog. Other than stay at home and eat or go to the park, you get a little bit of everything together,” says Guidroz.

If you prefer to stay indoors, Bridge Lounge on Magazine Street is the spot.

“People get off work and they want to let their dog out, but then maybe they also want to have a cocktail. Sometimes you have to choose one or the other, so it’s nice to have an option where you can grab your dog then come to the bars for a couple of drinks,” says owner Max Chesney.

If your pet is really a model canine, their picture might just make the wall of photographs that line the interior.

“I plan on adding another row on top all the way around. I had one lady come in and she had lost her dog and all the photos of her dog in Katrina, so this was the only place she could come in and see a picture of her dog.”

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