Mayor Landrieu Says Consent Decree Lawyers Will Gouge City

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Monday night, Mayor Mitch Landrieu released a statement critical of the law firm selected to monitor the federal consent decree for the NOPD.

Landrieu said the big Washington, DC, firm will get $8.5 million to monitor the consent decree when another firm was willing to do the same job for $1.4 million less.

The mayor says the extra money could have been used to improve the NOPD, streets, or other problems facing the city.

The feds and city entered into an agreement for the consent decree to reform the NOPD, but Landrieu says the feds were less than forthcoming about another, similar consent decree with the parish jail.  Landrieu says the city cannot afford to pay for both agreements, so the city is fighting the consent decrees in court.