Preston Parker

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New Orleans Saints Wide Receiver Preston Parker

Post-Practice Media Availability

Sunday, August 11, 2013


Obviously you got a chance to get in the end zone a pair of times. You’ve worked in order to get to that point and to get comfortable in this offense enough to get to that point, right?


“Yes. All the (wide) receivers work hard out here. Everybody works hard out here and it pays off.”


What do you think your role will be going forward whether you role is on offense or on special teams?


“Going 110 percent on every team I play on. Any team they put me on I’ve got to show effort and play fast.”


What did Sean Payton say to you today when he pulled you aside?


“He just told me to make sure I keep doing what I’m doing and going full speed. He just let me know to keep finishing and doing well.”


The depth chart at receiver is pretty cluttered right now. To make the most of your chances and score two touchdowns, what does that mean to you?


“I just love the experience. To come out here with a bunch of good athletes from all over the world is just a good experience. I love being here. It’s just a good job.”


How much do you feel like your experience in playing in 27 games and catching 40 balls in Tampa Bay the last three years helps you? Do you feel like that helps you to be ahead of the game?


“I know that being in the game it helps with the pressure because you know that you’ve already done this. It just eases it just a little bit, I don’t mean all the way gone because you’re still trying to make the team, but it eases the pressure just a little bit.”


Does it feel good after a game when Coach Payton doesn’t say a lot of nice things but he says that you played an exceptional game?


“Of course it makes you smile. It’s Sean Payton so you already know.”


You’ve gone through what younger guys like Kenny Stills are going through right now as they try to figure out what NFL football is all about. Do they come to you with questions?


“Anybody with more than one year, they’ll come to a vet. We just give them the most information we can so we can ease their minds and ease the pressure for them. We’re just there for them no matter when it is, make sure we’re there for the young guys and make sure they’re learning and reaching their potential.”


Coach Ellard says you do a good job of going to get the ball. How natural is that?


Just like when you wake up and know you got to go to work to pay the bills, I see the ball in the air and I go get it because I got to pay the bills so I just go and get it.”


Going through the situation in Tampa Bay, coach Payton says you have a hunger for a job. Everyone has it but you’ve been through a different situation. Can you talk about your experience of being out of a job.


“The experience (of) going home (last year) was probably the longest I’ve been away from football. It gave me a reality check and let me know who I was. It made me cherish my job much more than I (ever) did before. I love the game now and that’s the difference. You have to love the game. That’s when the hunger keeps coming out every game and every practice. It just feels good.”


What happened the last year in Tampa? You went from being an important part to seeing less time.


“New coaches came in and they decided they wanted someone else and they released me. I was good with their decision because that’s how things happen in the NFL. I had to take it, go home and get a reality check. I don’t blame them and I’m not mad at them. You just keep going and take the experience from Tampa and bring it here.”


When the staff called from here was there any questions about what happened with your being let go in Tampa Bay?


“I didn’t even need clothes. I just came up and worked out and went home. I spent time with my son and kept praying.”


How long were you at home?


“It was too long, probably like six or seven months. I watched the NFL from the second game all the way to the Super Bowl. I had to deal with the people at home and that stuff. It was all a good experience. I learned a lot from what happened and I’m still learning.”


Can you be the speed guy?


“I’m going to do whatever they ask me to do; I’m going to go get it.”