Mary Landrieu to FEMA on flood protection: ‘Louisiana is not retreating any further’

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Senator Mary Landrieu and a slew of local elected leaders brought the fight for reasonable flood insurance from Washington, D.C. to Louisiana on Thursday.

Landrieu and the others took FEMA associate administrator David Miller on a tour of southeast Louisiana. They want him to see the 100-year flood protection that’s in place as well as other improvements in the region designed to greatly reduce flooding in a severe storm.

Landrieu told Miller that moving is not an option:

“We have retreated as far as we’re going to retreat. We’re not retreating any further. Every storm, for 200 years, our people have moved from Grand Isle back up to Westwego. That’s how people got to Westwego, ’cause they fled from the coast. And then after the next storm we moved north. I’m telling you we’re not going any more. We are here and we’re going to build sustainably and we are not going to take this risk on ourselves.”

Miller also answered questions from the other elected leaders regarding the National Flood Insurance Program, its mapping process, and reform legislation.

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