Seneca Wallace

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New Orleans Saints Quarterback Seneca Wallace

Post-Practice Media Availability

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


What are your thoughts about going into the first preseason game of the year?


“Excited.  There are a lot of different emotions from me, new system, new organization, new fans and a new atmosphere.  I’m just eager to see.  Last time I played here, I think, was right before Hurricane Katrina when I was with Seattle.  I think we were one of the last teams to play there before the hurricane hit on Sunday.  It’s exciting.”


How are you feeling and progressing health wise?


“It’s progressing.  With the abductor, it makes it difficult for a quarterback to drop back.  I’m just going to keep working, coming out here and getting my reps in, mental reps and doing stuff after practice to make sure I don’t lose a step when I get back.”


What has it been like with you, Luke McCown and Ryan Griffin competing for the backup quarterback job?


“The good thing is that I can lean on them somewhat because Luke has been here and knows about the system.  Ryan Griffin has played in the system before in college so, leaning on them and ask questions about certain things that I might have questions about on the field.  It’s been a good healthy competition. It’s been fun so far.”


Do you still think you have that ability to make plays early with your feet like you did in college and early in your pro career?


“You take care of your body, as long as you take care of your body the right way during the offseason.  Even though I am 33 years old, I feel like I can run and do everything I use to do when I was 23.  (I’m) Just making sure I maintain my health level and staying on top of things.  Obviously, now in 2013 and the success last year with that type of offense (read-option), people are biting at the bit to try and do a little of it.  It’s going to be a little different now that everybody is having different defensive coordinators and the offseason to prepare for.  We will see what happens this season.”


What does Mike Holmgren mean to you as far as your development as an NFL quarterback and your ability to last this long?


“It meant a lot. Going into a system like the way he was coaching, he demanded a lot out of the quarterback.  He helped develop me and mold me with the help of a quarterback coach (Jim Zorn) who played.  So, they did a great job in just making sure he honed in on those skills to be a professional quarterback.  It wasn’t in my early career that they said, hey you need to run around and do this, you need to stay in the pocket, make your reads, know the coverages and all those different things that they ask for a quarterback to do.”


How frustrating was it last year and having to sit at home?


“It was tough.  Obviously when it happened at the end of training camp, it’s always tough for a quarterback to go somewhere else.  You have to look at the numbers.  A guy might have been with a head coach for six or seven months, you might have four quarterbacks and it’s tough for a quarterback to get released at the end of training camp, go somewhere else and try and pick up a whole new offense.  It put things in perspective.  I got to sit back and it was the first time in 15, 16 years that I got to watch football on Sundays and be a fan and see it on the (NFL Sunday) Ticket.  You kind of see the product we put out there and it makes you want to get back out there and start playing again.”


What does it mean to you to be in the league for 10 years?


“It’s a blessing.  Going from where I just came in where they weren’t really glorifying short mobile quarterbacks.  I think me, Drew Brees, and maybe Michael Vick were (the only) “too short” quarterbacks in the league when I first came in.  To be able to last this long and be able to play this game, it’s been a blessing.  With this day and age you really don’t see a lot of people standing around for a long period of time through the injuries or whatever the case may be.  As long as I can continue to keep playing I am happy to be here and be in a Saints uniform.”


Do you have any memories about your first preseason game throughout the years?


“Yes, I remember actually when we played here.  I think that might have been my second (or third) year.  I still remember we got down in the red zone and this was my first running touchdown that I had here.  I remember the Saints came with a blitz.  Back there I was sweating, I was just trying to make (a play).  I utilized my legs.  I ran backwards and then ran up the sidelines for about a 30 yard touchdown.  You remember the first preseason game when things like that happen, especially in your younger years.”


When you look where you are at now, do you think you can still make plays with your feet, but you’re almost looking to extend the play as well?


“Yes, you have to be smart.  Obviously, you are not going to be running around each and every play but you have to pick and choose.  Like you said, it’s extending plays.  It’s not trying to scramble out and take off 50 yards down the sideline.  It’s about extending plays and letting your receivers work to get open and usually that is when big plays happen.  If you can extend a play by making one guy miss, another guy miss, and still keep your eyes down the field and make a big play, it’s just a great feeling when you (help someone) get that big catch.”