Luke McCown

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New Orleans Saints Quarterback Luke McCown

Post-Practice Media Availability

Tuesday, August 7, 2013



Just talk a little about the first preseason game and your thoughts knowing that you’re going to get some reps.



“I am looking forward to it. Training camp is such a grind for the first week and a half that you really can’t wait until you get on the field and start putting together the things you have been working on against somebody else. Now there is not a whole lot of scheming going on in pre-season so it’s really good to work your rules, the fundamentals of what you have been taught, what the coaches have implemented in the system and try it against someone else.”


What’s it been like, with the competition for the backup role between you Seneca Wallace, and Ryan Griffin?


“It’s been great. You can’t ask for a better room of quarterbacks. You really can’t. It’s good competition.  We want each other to do well, we want each other obviously to be better players, and anytime you have that interest in the lives of the people that are in your room, it’s going to make your team better because your team feeds off of that as well. They say, ‘Hey I want to help my teammate help him push him to be better.’”



You were here last year in the preseason and you know a lot of the receivers and tight ends on this team. How much has that really helped you this year because you are on the same page early on with the receivers and tight ends?


“Last training camp, (and) preseason I didn’t receive a lot of reps for obvious reasons. Being around the guys, the camaraderie, the chemistry and building daily interaction always helps. Going through this first week and a half of (training) camp and receiving reps with them only makes you feel more comfortable and really can’t wait to get on the field with them.”



You have seen Kenny Stills come in and make an impact. Has he made a pretty quick adjustment to the NFL?


“Yes, and he has got a load of talent. He is a smooth runner, runs every route in the book.  Kenny will do whatever Kenny will do in this league I really believe that. He has played on big stages. He is not going to be intimidated by it. It’s just a matter of growing up into the system, performing in the system the way it will allow him to perform and then being consistent with it.”


You never played on an NFL team with two tight ends like Jimmy Graham and Benjamin Watson. Basically they are two of the best tight ends in the NFL as far as receiving is concerned and that’s got to be a comfort to you?


“Absolutely, it’s comforting to any quarterback. You have to be able to throw the ball to the tight end in this league. Corners and safeties are getting better just like receivers are getting better. Coverages are getting more complicated to decipher in the drop. So you have to be able to rely on a big target that will be able to go up and get the ball over the top of a linebacker, over the top of a safety, or you can spread out wide and get a matchup versus man coverage that is favorable to you. We have two guys who can do that for us.”



In your career in your first preseason game, does anything stand out from your years in the NFL?


“I remember my rookie year I played Kansas City, I was drafted by Cleveland, we hit kind of a desperation play to win the game, (a) scramble to the left to about the 40-yard line, and the receiver had a wonderful play in the back corner of the end zone to beat Kansas City with no time left. That was the one of first things I remember about my rookie year.”